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84 Charing Cross Road


Helene Hauff

Directed by Sheila Hine

December 9th - 14th, 1991

Letters pass between Helene's flat in New York, and The Bookshop, in London during 1949 through 1969.

Helene Hauff Sonia Dykstra
Frank Doel Victor Hassan
Cecily Farr Jayne Mayhead
Megan Wells Colette Fitton
Mr Martin Peter de la Wych
Wilhelima Humphries (Billie) Caroline Schofield
Maxine Stuart Barbara Laughton
Joan Todd Chris Hall
Thomas Chris Megginson
Stage Manager Jayne Wilmott
Continuity Dilys Slater
Lighting Jilly Burrows
Sound John Scott
Properties Sue Offer
Liz Stokes
Wardrobe Barbara Laughton
Set Design Jacque Bilsborough