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Absent Friends


Alan Ayckbourn

5th - 12th October 2002
Director: Derek Slater

Colin must be comforted in his grief over the death of his fiancée. His friends, who never met the girl, arrange a tea party for him. They are on edge wondering what to say to him, but there is more to their unease than that.

Diana and her husband Paul, John and Evelyn, and Marge - whose husband is perpetually out of circulation with trivial illnesses - are all kept together by a mixture of business and cross-marital ties. By the time Colin arrives for tea, the tenseness contrasts dramatically with his air of cheerfulness and relaxation.

He is the only happy one among them, and his happiness and insensitive analysis of their trouble causes each in their own way to break down.

Paul Paul Lewis
Diana Colette Fitton
John Tom Thistleton
Evelyn Tracey Clapham
Colin Charlie Cook
Marge Jane Newman
Stage Manager Dan Snape
ASM Jill Hine
Prompt Margaret Seddon
Lighting Ross Donald
Paul Lewis
Sound Rhiannon Lewis
Charlie Cook
Properties Liz Cook
Set Design and Build Graham Yardley
Mike Rhoades
Paul Lewis, assisted by
Simon Taylor
Charlie Cook
Paintings by Peter McClory
Furniture kindly loaned by
MULTIYORK, Rex Buildings, Wilmslow