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Aladdin and his Wonderful Lamp


Robert Pettyfer

Directed by Peter Janes

12th - 14th January, 1978

A classic Pantomime.

Ho Ho Ho - Minister for Fun and Games Ken Sawyer
Ho Choo Choo - Emperor for all China Ronnie Dykstra
Abanazer - Minister for Jelly and Custard Michael Janes
Hero - By Appointment
Horse Extraordinary to Emperor of all China
Steve Carlise
Basil Garratt
Princess Mimosa - Daughter of the Emperor Jill Bleasdale
Wishee Washee - No.1 Bagwashman Bob Chaloner
Hong - No.1 assistant to Abanazer Jamie Rigby
Kong - No.2 assistant to Abanazer Alan Dinsdale
Oscar Hubbard Malcolm Spence
Aladdin - Son of Widow Twankey Val Eliot
Widow Twankey - Take-away Chinese Laundry Owner David Reynolds
Mona Lee Sa - Handmaiden to Princess Mimosa Marion Hannah
Genie of the Lamp Steve Carlise
Slave of the Ring Liz Topalion
Droopy the Dragon - Spit roasts a speciality
Maidens devoured by appointment
Alan Dinsdale
Jamie Rigby
Mephistopheles - Prince of Darkness Basil Garratt
Coolies, Courtiers and Washerpersons
Norma Lane, Christine Ratcliffe, Liz Topalion, Jean Wilmot, Philip Ambler,
Alan Dinsdale, Basil Garratt, Jamie Rigby
Kathryn Bailey, Julia Boyce, Sarah Boyce, Liz Carlisle, Debbie Carsberg, Fionnuala Ellwood, Kate Percival, Sarah Pilkington, Janet Rothwell
Piano Reg Harvey
Bass Tom Cleverley
Drums Pat Carlisle
Choregraphy June Janes
Musical Direction Mavis Carlisle
Stage Manager Kim Thomson
ASM John Frith
Adele Taylor
Prompt Ann Slater
Lighting Jim Redman
Sound Alan Robinson
Properties Fran Barry
Sheila Lake
Wardrobe Jen Dykstra
Eric Johnson
House Manager Max Lewis
Eric Johnson