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An Evening of Alan Ayckbourn
3 One-Acts

Ernie's Incredible Illucinations
Gosforth's Fete
A Talk In The Park

17th March - 24th March 2001

Ernie's Incredible Illucinations
Directed by Mike Woodhead
Ernie Toby Jones
Mum Faye Neale
Dad Jonathan Alexander-Williams
Receptionist Danielle Harvey
Doctor Michelle Ghatan
Woman / Officer Sian McGee
Katherine Edgar, Anwen Jones, Caitlan Jones,Olivia Jones, Samantha Lovenbury, Beth Williamson,Florence Hibbert
Kerry McGee, Anna Williamson, Charlotte Bridges, Luisa Yeates
Referee Jonathan Coyle
Timekeeper Andrew Edgar
Man Kyran Donald
Kid Saracen Andrew Rutherford
Eddie Grinder Edwards Sam Constable
Lady in Library Hilary Carr
Library Assistant Suzy Mangnall
Anna Coyle, Charlotte Ashworth
Tramp Julia Rutherford
Gosforth's Fete
Directed by Steve Williamson
Mrs Pearce Diana Boswell
Milly Jill Stringer
Gosforth Dave Midgley
Vicar Geoffrey Martyn
Stewart William Nolan
A Talk In The Park
Directed by Steve Williamson
Arthur William Nolan
Beryl Jill Stringer
Charles Dave Midgley
Doreen Diana Boswell
Ernest Geoffrey Martyn
Stage Manager Nick Capey
ASM Andy Rutherford
Members of the Youth Group
Prompt Mavis Carlisle
Lighting Design Chris Hills
Lighting Operation Ross Donald
Lighting Assistant Ben Tabard
Sound Paul Lewis
Properties Jenny Panton
Shirley Pell
Wardrobe Di Donald
Lloika Lewis
Set Construction Nick Capey
David Melliar-Smith
Paul Lewis
Ian Mairs