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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

based on the book by

Lewis Carroll

An original production using UV light, devised and directed by Sonia Dykstra.

5 - 13 March 1999. Matinee performances 6th March and 13 March
A fresh look at this much loved story by Lewis Carroll. An exciting theatrical experience for all the family with magical special effects.
Alice Clare Gillespie
White Rabbit Daniel Lewis
Queen Clare McGlashan
King Ian Moffit
Mad Hatter Charlie Cook
March Hare Janet Slade
Cheshire Cat Linda Batson
Duchess Ronnie Dykstra
Cook Fenella Fowkes
Caterpillar / Gryphon Mike Janes
Mock Turtle / Pigeon Diana Boswell
Gardener Adele Taylor
Fish footman / Gardener Sheila Hine
Frog footman / Gardener Sebastian Thompson
Executioner Geoffrey Martyn
Knave Paul Lewis
U.V. Movement
Joanne Jackson, Laura McGurk, Kyran Donald, Janet Slade, Fenella Fowkes.
Lighting Design Robin Watkinson
Costumes, Props, and Scenery Design Jacque Bilsborough
Make-up Design Helen Ball
Adaption and arrangement of songs Chris McClory
Musicians John Wallace
Chris McClory
Singers Jane Newman
John Wallace
Sonia Dykstra
Tim Norfolk
Choreography Helen Ball
Stage Manager Christina Howarth
ASM Adele Taylor
Lighting Chris Hills
Sound Dave Midgley
Wardrobe Pat Barrow
Lloika Lewis
Beverley Dykstra
Heather Calderbank
Barbara Stansfield
Jenny Thompstone
Fenella Fowkes
Set Construction Martin Theobald
Eric Bilsborough
Jake Muckersie
Christine Howarth
David Melliar-Smith
Speciality Props Martin Theobald
Eric Bilsborough