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All's Well That Ends Well


William Shakespeare

4th June - 8th July, 1978
Directed by Jeremy Cleverley
Bertram, Count of Rossillion,
a Ward of the King of France
Peter de la Wyche
The Countess of Rossillion,
Bertram's Mother
Sheila Hine
a young girl brought up by the Countess
Diana Boswell
Bertram's friend
Harry Kennedy
Steward in the Countess' household
Freddie Daniels
Clown in the Countess' household
Richard Moxom
The King of France Terry Willis
Lafew, an old Lord Kenneth Sawyer
The Brothers Dumaine, two French Lords,
later Captains serving the Duke of Florence
Hugh Norris
Nick Seymour
Two French soliders to the Court of France Frank McCullogh
David Watkins
Lady-In-Waiting Tina Fitzgerald
The Dike of Florence Victor Hassan
Widow Capilet of Florence Pat Barrow
Diana, the Widow's daughter Adele Taylor
Mariana, a friend of the Widow Dilys Mason
Lords, Attendants, Soldiers, Citizens
Janet Rothwell
Sarah Wilkinson
Catherine Bailey
Tricia Bailey
Stage Manager Alan Robinson
ASM Sue Offer
Wardrobe Jen Dykstra
Pat Barrow
assisted by the Wilmslow Green Room
Costumes The Crucible Theatre, Sheffiled
The Forum Wythenshawe
The Wilmslow Guild
Sound Alan Offer
Lighting The Wilmslow Green Room
Properties Fran Barry
Sheila Lake
Choregraphy Sophia Llewellyn
Prompt Sophia Llewellyn
Call Boy Elizabeth Myers
Publicity Colin Read
assisted by the Wilmslow Green Room
Ticket Manager Doreen Johnson
House Manager Colin Read