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Amy's View


David Hare

6th - 13th October 2001
Director: Jeremy Cleverley

In 1979, Esme Allen is a well-known West End actress at just the moment when the West End is ceasing to offer actors a regular way of life. A visit by her daughter, Amy, with a new boyfriend sets off a whole train of events which culminates sixteen years later.

Judi Dench's performance as Esme was acclaimed in London and on Broadway.

Esme Clare Lewis
Amy Jenny Panton
Evelyn Sheila Hine
Dominic Mark Edgar
Frank Martin Pritchard
Toby Ian Mairs
Stage Manager Val Watkinson
ASM Dan Snape
Prompt Margaret Seddon
Lighting Robin Watkinson
Sound Paul Lewis
Properties Colette Fitton
Wardrobe Linda Batson
Pat Barrow
Set Design and Construction Robin Watkinson