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Angels In Love


Hugh Mills

Directed by Leslie Dalton

October 21st-24th, 1959

Burton, a maid Rosemary Turner
Dearest, mother of Lord Fauntleroy Gwenneth Frost
Cedric, Lord Fauntleroy Peter Frost
Lettice, his wife Rowena Harker
Violet, Comtesse de Chaumont Paula Hamlyn
Furse, the Butler Roger Buckley
Molyneux, Earl of Dorincourt David Hamlyn
Sir Pomeroy Pomeroy-Jones George Wilson
Eustace Pomeroy-Jones L P Samuels
Stage Manager Donald Pearse
Property Mistress Margaret Muir
Lighting George Hepworth
Sound David Vernon
Wardrobe Elsie Pritchard
Make-Up Artiste Catherine Glancey
House Manager C R Charnley
Deputy House Manager N S Pearse
Lighting Equipment by Strand Electric
Furniture supplied by Gimbert's of Prestwich