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Arms and The Man


George Bernard Shaw

Directed by Dorothy Wilson

25th - 27th November, 1976

George Bernard Shaw's popular comedy of 'The Chocolate Soldier', set in a small Bulgarian town during the years 1885/86.

Raina Petkoff Sarah Wood
Catherine Petkoff Doreen Johnson
Captain Bluntschli Peter Burroughs
Louka Adele Taylor
Officer Peter de la Wyche
Nicola Colin Reed
Major Petkoff Robin Griffin
Sergius Saranoff Mike Fenton
Stage Manager Kim Thompson
Prompt Sue Burroughs
ASM David Wood
Fran Barry
Jill Bleasdale
Andrew Millward
Lighting Nick Dodson
Sound Jamie Rigby
Wardrobe Florence Moore
Carol Heggs
Shirley Keen
Olive Bradbury
Properties Beryl Frith
Eleanor Officer
Make-up Joy Peacocke
House Manager Jeremy Cleverley