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Bedroom Farce


Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by Jeremy Cleverley

February 1985

The marital problems of Trevor and Susan turn to disaster at the house-warming party of Kate and Malcolm, disrupt the already failed anniversary celebrations of Delia and Ernest, and shatter the frail peace enjoyed by Jan and Mick (before his 'back' put him to bed).

Ernest John Chapman
Delia Angela Cleverley
Nick John Foreman
Jan Diana Boswell
Malcolm Steve Williamson
Kate Cheryl Wyche
Trevor Al Fowkes
Susannah June Janes
Stage Manager John Smith
ASM Susan Webb
Prompt Adele Taylor
Lighting Geoff Hinde
Sound Members of the Green Room
Wardrobe Pat Barrow
Properties Sue Jones
Celia Fosberg
Set Construction Alan and Sue Offer
Beds loaned by Just Bedrooms