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Billy Liar


Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall

Directed by Fiona V Frost

October 21st - 24th, 1964

Billy is a boy who tells lies. But more than that, he portrays scenes which could take place in any household in the country, and depicts the presence of the fantasy life whic exists in most people.

Florence Boothroyd Biddy Williams
Alice Fisher Hilda Keast
Geoffrey Fisher Cecil Grinham
BIlly Fisher Michael Fenton
Arthur Crabtree Brooke Keneford
Barbara Gillian Scott
Rita Sue Carr
Liz Sally Dabbs
Stage Manager T Barker
Lighting R Goodright
Sound Effects P Reid
Property Mistress M Muir
Wardrobe Mistress A Mitchell
Prompt Jan Roberts
Make-Up Catherine Glancey
Lighting by Strand Electric Co.
Furniture supplied by Gimberts of Manchester
Television and Radio kindly loaned by Nield and Hardy, Wilmslow