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The Bride Comes Back


Ronald Millar

Directed by H S Pritchard

December 18th-21st, 1963

Barbara Kilpatrick J Sue Carr
Mrs Gow Mabel Warburton
Jason Kilpatrick Kenneth Frost
Isabel Kilpatrick Gwenneth Frost
Serena Tilney Ann G Mitchell
Smith Cecil A Grinham
A Young Woman Fiona V Frost
Joe Tilney Godfrey de Lanny Holden
Stage Manager Thomas Barker
Property Mistress Pat Richardson
Lighting Anthony Whitworth
Sound Peter Reid
Wardrobe Elsie Pritchard
Make-Up Artiste Catherine Glancey
Lighting Equipment by Strand Electric
Furniture supplied by Gimbert's of Prestwich
Thanks to:
Neild and Hardy for the Tape Recorder
Senior Service for the Cigarettes
Harry Simmons Ltd for the Frying Pan
The China Shop for the Vase