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Broken Glass


Arthur Miller

19th - 26th January 2002
Director: Mike Rogerson
Assisted by Linda Batson

Phillip, an up-tight New York banker, is trying to find a reason why his wife has suddenIy become paralysed by the news of Hitler's assault on German Jaws. It is up to the couple's doctor to discover the root of his illness. Ultimately, Miller's characters prove that connections between human beings can be the most wonderful, and painful, of things.

Phillip Gellburg David Reynolds
Sylvia Gellburg Belinda Coghlan
Dr.Harry Hyman Steve Williamson
Margaret Hyman Linda Batson
Harriet Daphne Martyn
Stanton Case Geoffrey Case
Cellist Susan Thompson
Stage Manager Nick Capey
Simon Webber
ASM Clare Lewis
Prompt Margaret Seddon
Lighting and Set Design Robin Watkinson
Set Construction Nick Capey
Simon Webber
Elizabeth N Wedge
Lighting Chris Hills
Paul Lewis
Kate Williamson
Sound Rhiannon Lewis
Paul Lewis
Wardrobe Clare McGlashan
Fenella Fowkes
Properties Clare Lewis
We would like to thank
Albany Graphics Ltd. of Albany House, 421 Barlow Moor Road, Chorlton for help with the production design
The play was sponsored by
Jackson's Supper Bar, Wilmslow