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The Darling Buds of May


H. E. Bates

24th April - 2nd May 1998

The lovable, irrepressible Larkin family who live in Kent 'somewhere at the end of the rainbow' made their debut in the novel The Darling Buds of May in 1957 and went on to further delight and beguile
audiences both on stage and screen. Pop, who makes a fortune from a variety of deals but has never paid income tax, lives in rural idyllic bliss with generous-hearted Ma and their six children. When a young earnest tax official, MrCharlton, turns up one hot May afternoon in 1957 to investigate, he is bewitched immediately by eldest daughter Mariette and it isn't long before he succumbs to the boisterous Larkin family charm and largesse.
Director: Gill Taylor
Pop Mike Janes
Ma Adele Taylor
'Charlie' Charlton Bill Nolan 
Mariette Helen Martin
Montgomery Sebastian Thompson
Primrose Katherine Sutton
Petunia Emma Short
Zinnia Sarah Mountain
Victoria Sian McGee
Miss Pilchester Sue Jones
Pauline Jackson Jo Freeman
Angela Snow Sarah Roberts
The Brigadier Ronnie Dykstra
Sir George Bluff-Gore Trevor Jones
Lady Bluff-Gore Sonia Dykstra
Tax Inspector Charlie Cook
Stage Manager Val Watkinson
Prompt Margaret Seddon
Lighting Chris Hills
Sound Norma Rogerson
Properties Daphne Kawa
Alan & Sue Offer
Liz Cook
Wardrobe Sonia Dykstra
Set Graham Boswell