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The Cemetery Club


Ivan Menchell

6th May - 13th May 2000
Director: Charlie Cook
Ida, Doris and Lucille are part of a club - the cemetery club. Every month they meet at Ida's house in New York for tea, then trundle off to the cemetery to remember the good times and gossip with their deceased husbands. Sam, a butcher, meets the widows at the cemetery whilst visiting his late wife and changes their lives forever. The play is touching, wise and gloriously witty.
Ida Adele Taylor
Lucille Christina Howarth
Doris Olive Bradbury
Sam Mike Janes
Mildred Clair Lewis
Stage Manager Liz Cook
Prompt Caroline Schofield
Lighting Paul Lewis
Chris Hills
Sound Daniel Lewis
Properties & ASMs Diana Boswell
Linda Batson
Rhiannon Lewis
Wardrobe Sheila Hine
Set Build Graham Boswell
Bill Nolan
Liz Cook
Charlie Cook
Bridesmaid gowns designed and made by Clair Lewis
Wigs by Chris Bullimore
Thanks to Arighi Bianchi for the loan of the Sofa and table
Original music written and performed by Ian Parker and Charlie Cook