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A Collier's Tuesday Tea


Michael Green

April 1996

A play selected, rehearsed and performed in 24 hours.
Director: Sue Mooney
Ida Hepplethwaite Suzanne Goddard
Daniel Obadiah Hepplethwaite Tim Hodson
Victoria Hepplethwaite Sarah Roberts
Albert Hepllethwaite Dave Midgley
Jo Clegghorn Linda Batson
Margery Hackforth Jilly Burrows
Lionel Headbracket Graham Boswell
P.C. Clement Boothroyd Tom Thistleton
Jed Throttle Charlie Cook
Stage Manager Liz Cook
ASM Rachel Volp
Technical Crew Peter Mendham
Laura Goddard
Robin Watkinson
Properties Christina Howarth
Jo Bromley
Set Nick Capey
Val Watkinson
Costumes Jacque Bilsborough
Patti Wheeler
Lloika Lewis