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Come Blow Your Horn


Neil Simon

Directed by Mark Jephcott

2nd - 9th May, 2009

The play centres on Alan and Buddy Baker, brothers who have decided to leave home and experience the good life. In the beginning of the play, Alan is the typical lady's man, and his younger brother is the twenty one year old virgin who has decided to run away from home, and leave the family's waxed fruit business. As the play progresses, Alan finds out that Connie, one of the ladies that he is sleeping with, is "the girl" and without her in his life, he falls apart. Buddy, however has taken his brother's place in life, becoming the ladies man, while his brother sits around and mopes over the loss of Connie, the girl of his dreams.

Alan Baker Alex Bingle
Buddy Baker Adam Peerbaccus
Connie Dayton Jenny Panton
Peggy Evans Sally Egginton
Mr Baker Victor Hassan
Mrs Baker Sonia Dykstra
Stage Manager Lottie Tyler
Wardrobe Di James
Properties Vi Pope
Special Prop Construction Jacque Bilsborough
Sound Jan Atkinson
Music recorded by Charlie Cook
Lighting Bruce Wiiliams
Prompt Adele Taylor
American Voice Coach Mark Langley, Arden Theatre School
Set Design Mark Jephcott
Set Construction Mike Rhodes
Set Painters/Help Mike Rhodes
Ronnie Dykstra
David Melliar-Smith
Bruce Williams
Poster and Programme Artwork Adam Peerbaccus
Furniture from the Altricham Garrick
and the Director's Living Room
House Manager Geoffrey Martyn
Olive Bradbury
Thanks to:
The Box Office
Tom Thistleton for set artwork
Graham Boswell for advice on set construction
Alexandra Howarth for help with choreography
Wilmslow United Reform Church for rehearsal space
...and the music of Frank Sinatra