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The Comedy of Errors


William Shakespeare

Directed by Jeremy Cleverley

25th June - 4th July, 1982

Shakespeare on the lawn of scenic Gawsworth Hall.

Duke of Ephesus
Kenneth Sawyer
A Merchant of Syracuse
Norman Whitelam
Lady Abbess of Ephesus
Adele Taylor
Antipholus of Syracuse
twin brother son of Egeon
David Reynolds
Antipholus of Ephesus
twin brother son of Egeon
Fred Donnan
Dromio of Syracuse
twin brother servant to Antipholus
Victor Hassan
Dromio of Ephesus
twin brother servant to Antipholus
Andrew Winton
Wife of Antipholus of Ephesus
Sonia Hoole
Her sister
June Janes
Adriana's kitchen maid
Sheila Hine
A Merchant of Ephesus
John Chapman
A Goldsmith
Peter de la Wyche
Dr Pinch
A schoolmaster
Eric Waller
First Merchant
friend to Antipholus of Syracuse
Alan Offer
Second Merchant
to whom Angelo is in debt
Alan Kenny
Officer Neil Roberts
Courtesan Olive Bradbury
Servants, Townsfolk, Guards
Alan Shooter, John Smith, Doreen Donnan, Louise Sawyer, Philip Bradbury, Virginia Craven, James Chadwick, Sarah McGlashan
Stage Manager Sheila Tighe
Wardrobe Mistress Claire McGlashan
assisted by members of the Green Room
Costumes Stamford Shakespeare Company
Wigs Michael Shaw (Sale)
Staging and Properties Alan and Sue Offer
Adele Taylor
Ian Bilsborough
Sound Trevor Tighe
Lighting Jack Watkinson
Geoff Gornall
Prompt Shirley Reynolds
Publicity Neil Myerson
Colin Read
Ticket Secretary Doreen Johnson
House Manager Colin Read
Front Cover designed by Virginia Cleverley
The production was sponsored by
Knight, Frank and Rutley
National Westminster Bank