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The Comedy of Errors


William Shakespeare

Directed by Sonia Dykstra

17th - 26th June, 1993

Shakespeare on the lawn of scenic Gawsworth Hall.

Lady Abbess of Ephesus
Linda Batson
Duke of Ephesus
Mike Janes
A Merchant of Syracuse
Peter de la Wyche
Officer Eric Smith
First Merchant Dave Midgley
Antipholus of Syracuse Jeremy Stobart
Dromio of Syracuse John Wallace
Antipholus of Ephesus Steve Williamson
Dromio of Ephesus Charlie Cook
Wife of Antipholus of Ephesus
Celia Bonner
Her sister
Jane Newman
A Merchant of Ephesus
Dave Midgley
A Goldsmith
Bill Platt
Adriana's kitchen maid
Val Watkinson
Second Merchant Frank Boylan
Courtesan Diana Boswell
Dr Pinch
A schoolmaster
Tom Thistleton
Citizens of Ephesus
Helen Ball, Pat Barrow, Frank Boylan, Derran Castellani, Clare McGlashan,
Tim Norfolk, Julie Parton, Dave Ratcliff, Elaine Ross, Caroline Schofield,
Liz Stokes, Helen Sutton, Tom Thistleton, Sandy Willcocks, Caron Wood
Children of Ephesus
Tamzin Burrows, Samuel Burrows, Joanna Furnival
Stage Manager Dave Furnival
Sue Furnival
ASM Adele Taylor
Lighting and Sound Robin Watkinson
Jilly Burrows
Properties Alan Offer
Sue Offer
Wardrobe Claire McGlashan
Pat Barrow
Members of the Green Room
Choreography and Dance Training Jilly Burrows