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Crown Matrimonial


Royce Royton

Directed by John Chidgey

14th - 19th March 1994

"He abandoned the Crown and Country for the woman he loved"

Was it 'the supreme sacrifice of a man who put love above all' or 'a selfish and irresponsible dereliction of duty'?

Played out against a background of political anxiety and family tension, the play focuses on the drama leading to the abdication of Edward VIII.

Queen Mary
Mother of Edward VIII and George VI
Sheila Hine
David, King Edward VIII
Later Dake of Windsor
Dave Reynolds
Mabell, Countess of Airlee
Lady in Waiting to the Queen
Adele Taylor
Margaret Wyndham
Lady in Waiting to the Queen
Clare McGlashan
Mary, Pricess Royal
Sister of Edward VIII
Celia Bonner
Alice, Duchess of Gloucester
Sister-in-law of Edward VIII
Linda Batson
Elizabeth, Duchess of York
Sister-in-law of Edward VIII
Sue Mooney
Bertie, Duke of York
Younger brother of Edward VII, later George VI
Charlie Cook
Walter Monkton K.C.
Legal advisor and friend of Edward VIII,
later Sir Walter Monkton
Gordon Bennett
Peter Mendham
Stage Manager Val Watkinson
Prompt Mavis Carlisle
Lighting Robin Watkinson
Brian Nixon
Sound John Scott
Wardrobe Caroline Schofield
Sarah Roberts
Set Robin Watkinson
Liason Liz Cook