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The Crucible


Arthur Miller

Directed by Edward Wilson

February 13th - 15th, 1975

The retelling of the story of the Salem witch trials of 1692, which at the time of its release in 1952, had a frightening relevance to the comtemporary McCarthy trials.

Betty Parris Katie Johnson
Reverend Samuel Parris Robin Griffin
Tituba Joan Dearden
Abigail Williams Margaret Seddon
Susanna Wallcot Lindsey Fowler
Mrs Ann Putnam Clare McGlashan
Thomas Putnam Jeremy Cleverley
Mercy Lewis Linda Sinclair
Mary Warren Carol White
John Proctor Peter Lloyd
Rebecca Nurse Doreen Johnson
Giles Corey Michael Seddon
Reverend John Hale Denovan Nowell
Mrs Elizabeth Proctor Belinda Mencel
Francis Nurse Sean McCardle
Ezekiel Cheever Max Lewis
Judge Hathorne Kenneth Sawyer
Deputy-Governor Danforth Roy Derrick
Sarah Good Marjorie Mills
Herrick David Reynolds
Stage Manager Unknown
Prompt Ruth Murray
Lighting Philip Charnley
Nick Dodson
Stephen Barry
Andrew Lowcock
Sound Paul Kelly
Richard Holman
Properties Catherine Kelly
Gillian Mainprice
Lynda Barry
Make-Up Joy Peacocke
Sheila Hine
Wardrobe Jenny Ghazilian
Florenece Moores
Set Design Jacque Bilsborough
Set Construction Bill McCullough
Jack Firth
House Manager Ian Christmas