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The Crucible


Arthur Miller

Directed by Dilys Mason

13th - 18th March 1995

The retelling of the story of the Salem witch trials of 1692, which at the time of its release in 1952, had a frightening relevance to the comtemporary McCarthy trials.

Betty Parris Laura Goddard
Reverend Samuel Parris Ronnie Dykstra
Tituba Adele Taylor
Abigail Williams Alexandra Johnson
Susanna Wallcot Alexandra Howarth
Mrs Ann Putnam Olive Bradbury
Thomas Putnam Mike Janes
Mercy Lewis Caroline Schofield
Mary Warren Liz Evans
John Proctor John Wallace
Rebecca Nurse Clare McGlashan
Giles Corey Tim Norfolk
Reverend John Hale Alastair Fowkes
Mrs Elizabeth Proctor Suzanne Goddard
Francis Nurse Eric Smith
Ezekiel Cheever Geoffrey Martyn
Judge Hathorne Peter de la Wyche
Deputy-Governor Danforth Fred Donnan
Sarah Good Pat Barrow
Herrick Tom Thistleton
Prudence Little Hannah Goddard
Stage Manager Terry Hooper
Producer's Assistant Mavis Carlisle
Lighting Paul Burt
Dave Midgley
Sound Nick Capey
Properties Linda Batson
Colette Fitton
Wardrobe Sheila Hine
Liaison Suzanne Goddard