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Dancing At Lunaghsa


Brian Friel

27th January - 3rd February 2001
Director: Mike Rogerson
In 1936, five impoverished spinsters live in a remote part of County Donegal. With them are Michael, seven-year old son of the youngest sister and Jack, the sisters' brother, a missionary priest newly returned after 25 years in Africa. The events of that summer are narrated by the adult Michael, unfolding a tender, poignant and humorous study which evokes the subtle and complex pattern of these women's lives within their household and the community outside.
Michael Simon Taylor
Kate Caroline Melliar-Smith
Maggie Tracy Burns
Agnes Jo Freeman
Rose Joan McGee
Chris Debs Taylor
Gerry Paul Lewis
Jack Martin Pritchard
Stage Manager David Melliar-Smith
ASM Dan Snape
Set Design Diana Boswell
Lighting Design Martin Theobald
Lighting Jennifer Panton
Sound Clare Lewis
Properties Geoff Martyn
Daphne Martyn
Wardrobe Clare McGlashan