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Dealing with Clair

Dealing With Clair


Martin Crimp

Directed by Graham Boswell

25th Jan - 1st Feb 2014

Based on the true story of Suzy Lamplugh.
As house prices soar, Clair introduces Mike and Liz to the ideal purchaser of their home: James, a civilised man with unlimited cash. But as the deal nears completion, Clair begins to find herself increasingly out of her depth - not only a scapegoat for the vendors' greed, but also an object of sexual fascination for buyer and seller alike.

Rehearsal photographs

JamesIan Cole
LizCarole Mullineux
MikeDavid Hyde
ClairAlison Fleming
AnnaKitty O'Conner
Ashley/Toby/VittorioPatrick Laven
Stage ManagerColette Fitton
ASM/PropsJune Janes, Lorna King, Toby Makin, Meera Mohindra
PromptDiana Boswell
LightingBruce Williams
SoundBob Stewart
Wardrobe/HairLinda Batson, Julie Dooley
HairJulie Dooley
LiaisonSylvia Stewart
House ManagerCelia Bonner, Ronnie Dykstra, Val Middletin-Egan
The play was kindly sponsored by:
SC & P Jones, Builders & Plumbers Merchant and Bathroom Specialists
Loan of Sofa Multiyork, Wilmslow