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Racing Demon


David Hare

5th - 13th December 1997

Directed by Mike Rogerson

 Forming the first part of the David Hare Trilogy (which also comprises Murmuring Judges and The Absence of War) Racing Demon focuses on the Church of England. A disparate body, the Church now finds itself attracting unwanted publicity, wracked by the dissension of its members on matters of
doctrine and practice and at odds with the government. In this climate the Reverend Lionel Espy and his team of clergymen struggle to make sense of their mission in South London, as the arrival of a zealous young curate intensifies their personal and professional problems. Premiered at the Royal National Theatre in a production starring Oliver Ford Davies, Richard Pasco and Michael Bryant, Racing Demon has toured very successfully in Britain and abroad and has made several triumphant returns to the Royal National Theatre.
Rev. Lionel Espy Fred Donnan
Rt. Rev. Charlie Allen Victor Hassan
Rev. Tony Ferris Simon Taylor
Re, Donald 'Streaky' Bacon Peter de la Wyche
Rev. Harry Henderson Graham Boswell
Rt. Rev. Gilbert Hefferman Steve Williamson
Francis Parnell Jo Tomlinson
Stella Marr Rani Moorthy
Heather Espy Linda Batson
Ewan Gilmour Bill Nolan
Tommy Adair Tony Axford