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The Devil's Disciple


George Bernard Shaw

Produced by Percy Corry

21st - 23rd March, 1929

A melodrama, set in Colonial America during the Revolutionary era, the play tells the story of Richard Dudgeon, a local outcast and self-proclaimed "Devil's disciple". In a twist characteristic of Shaw's love of paradox, Dudgeon sacrifices himself in a Christ-like gesture despite his professed Infernal allegiance.

Mrs Dudgeon Elizabeth Ashton
Essie Louise Hobbs
Christopher Dudgeon S W Dronsfield
Anthony Anderson W M Ford
Judith Anderson Lily Beving
Lawyer Hawkins C A Beving
Uncle William H P Hobbs
Mrs William Grace Griffiths
Uncle Titus A Whitehead
Mrs Titus Mabel Evans
Richard Dudgeon H H Hobson
The Sergeant E N Oughtred
Major Swindon A Smithies
General Burgoyne W Oughtred
Chaplain Brudenell C A Beving
Stage Manager A B Mallinson
Assistant Stage Manager J R Whitaker
Property Mistress Mrs S L Keyman
Electric Lighting, etc A C Mallinson
J B Dean
Stage Carpenter F Mitchell
Hon Secretary T G Whitaker
Scenery by FITUPS, Ferdinand Street, Oldham Read, Manchester
Furniture in the First Act by Messrs FLITCROFT & SONS LTD, Wilmslow
Costumes by BIRKENSHAW & SONS LTD, Liverpool
The Log Fire by courtesy of Messrs BERRY'S ELECTRIC LTD, 5 Deansgate, Manchester
The Music in Act III by The Wilmslow Subscription Band
Incidental Music by members of The Alderley Edge Orchestral Society
Under the direction of Mr Philip Godlee