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Dick Whittington


Mike Rand

Directed by Peter Janes

11th - 13th January, 1979

Classic pantomine about Dick Whittington, future Mayor of London.

Fairy Nuff (no she isnt) Mavis Carlisle
King Rat (a potent rodent) David Reynolds
Idle Jack Bob Chaloner
Millie La Mane Liz Carlisle
Jointrekin Jessie
(they threw her away and then made the mould)
Mike Janes
Geronimo the Horse (rave notices at Troy) Steve Carlisle
Roger Latham
Alice Fitzwarren Marion Hannah
Marvel the Cat (a mighty moggie) Joy Rickman
Dick Whittington (a likely lad!) Sonia Hoole
Fairy Thump June Janes
Alderman Fitzwarren (who?) Al O'Rourke
Captain the Hon. Freddie (oops pardon) Chuffer
(the Armadas revenge)
Ronnie Dykstra
Bos'un Arrows (a right quiver full) John Chapman
Big Chief Rumbal Tumi
(I'm sure I've seen him somewhere)
Al O'Rourke
Citizens, Fairies, Pirates, Indians and Other Improbable Personages
Kathryn Bailey, Robin Brunskill, Steve Carlisle, Eileen Clarke,
Angela Cleverley, Margaret Douglas, Eric Findlater,Philip Jackson,
Roger Latham, Frank McCullogh, Alan Offer, Sarah Pilkington,
Adele Taylor, Barbara Weaver
Sarah Boyce, Naomi Ellwood, Ruth Findlater, Annette Hevicon,
Sally Mills, Kate Percival, Janet Rothwell, Caron Wood
Pianoforte Dorothy Pettigrew
Percussion Pat Carlisle
Coreography Jean Lightowler
Musical Direction Mavis Carlisle
Stage Manager Jack Frith
Beryl Frith,Cheryl Hammersley,Elizabeth Myers,Sue Offer,
Eleanor Officer,Bernie Rickman,Kim Thomson,Terry Willis
Prompt Barbara Littler
Sound/Effects Alan Robinson
Lighting Co-ordinator Thea Findlater
Lighting Technicians Jim Redman
Steven Findlater
Follow Spot Director Alan Baillie
Follow Spot Operators Jean Chadwick
Juliet Redman
Paul Thompson
Properties Fran Barry
Sheila Lake
Wardrobe Olive Bradbury
Pat Barrow
Jen Dykstra
House Manager Colin Read