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Don't Just Lie There - Say Something


James Goldman

Directed by Eric Lingard

5th - 7th April, 1979

A British Government Minister puts forward a bill to battle filth in the UK but that doesn't stop him having an affair with both his secretary, Miss Parkyn and Wendy, the wife of a high-up reporter.

Barry Ovis MP David Reynolds
The Rt Hon Wilfred Pott MP Kenneth Sawyer
Jean Fenton Diana Boswell
Sir William Mainwaring-Brown MP Harry Kennedy
Giselle Parkyn Sonia Hoole
Inspector Ruff John Chapman
Damina Nicola Warren
Wendy June Janes
Caretaker Eric Lingard
Stage Manager Alan Robinson
Sound Philip Bradbury
Lighting Thea Findlater
Jim Redman
Steven Findlater
Philip Jackson
Wardrobe The Green Room
Properties Adele Taylor
Sue Offer
Prompt Ruby Smith