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The Dresser


Ronald Harwood

Directed by Jeremy Cleverley

February 18th - 21st 1987

This poignant backstage drama captures the spirit of the great Shakespearean actors who toured England, even during wartime. Performing in repertory the mythically large, tragic roles of Lear and Othello, "Sir," as he is simply known, is wracked by age and ill health, and yet has quite an indomitable persona. Only Norman, Sir's loyal behind-the-scenes dresser, is capable of handling him.

Norman Victor Hassan
Her Ladyship Angela Cleverley
Irene Jill Bleasdale
Madge Adele Taylor
Sir Jeremy Cleverley
Thornton Ronnie Dykstra
Oxenby John Smith
Players in King Lear
Gloucester Clive WIlliams
Albany Julian Rawel
Kent Peter Simpson
Stage Manager Rachel Pawson
ASM Mavis Carlisle
Properties Sue Offer
Wardrobe Pat Barrow
Olive Bradbury
Lighting, Sound
and Set Design
Robin Watkinson
Technical Assistance Martin Theobald
House Manager Sheila Chatburn