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Farewell, Farewell Eugene


John Vari

Directed by Max Lewis

12th - 14 October, 1978

Two elderly sisters have worked and saved for a trip to Africa to visit a nephew. Careless talk results in the arrival of an 'adopted' baby, and a complication with an Irishman called Mick.

Florence Povis Frances Johnson
Minerva Goody Angela Cleverley
Peony Povis Olive Bradbury
Mick Delaney Mike Janes
Mr Bosworth Graham Dickinson
Mrs Bosworth Clare McGlashan
Queenie Bosworth Jill Bleasdale
William Bosworth Robin Lund
Mrs Flack Sue Offer
Stage Manager Alan Robinson
Prompt Barbara Little
ASM Alan Offer
Lighting & Effects Jim Redman
Thea Findlayter
Wardrobe Jen Dykstra
Properties Adele Taylor
Gillian Mainprice
House Manager K.C.G.Frost