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Hans, The Witch and The Gobbin


Alan Cullen

Directed by Gwenneth Frost

December 19th-22nd, 1962

Gob, a Gobbin Bill Warburton
Hans, a Student Roger Buckley
Alicia, a Princess Rosemary Reid
Castor, a Physician Neil Biggs
Senna, a Physician William Bolton
Rufus, a King Denovan Nowell
Scratch, a Secretary Michael Fenton
Daisy, a Witch Edith Whiteside
Mrs Crabtree, a Dowser Hilda Keast
Sylvester, a Swinherd David Vernon
Hank ???? Catherine Charnley
Hunk ???? Penelope Dixon
Queen of the Forest Olive Keil
Hank and Hunk appear by arrangement with Miss Enid Owen
Stage Manager  
Property Mistress  
House Manager