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The Happiest Days of Your Life


John Dighton

Directed by William Keil

March 30th - April 2nd, 1966

The action takes place in the Masters' Common Room at Hilary Hall School for Boys, in Hampshire.

Dick Tassell
Assistant Master at Hilary Hall
Michael Seddon
School Porter and Groundsman
Tom Carr
Rupert Billings
Senior Assistant Master at Hilary Hall
Denis Higgins
Godfrey Pond
Headmaster of Hilary Hall
George Wilson
Miss Evelyn Whitchurch
Principal of St Swithins School for Girls
Gwenneth Frost
Miss Gossage
Senior Assistant Mistress at St Swithins
Diana Harker
Pupil at Hilary Hall
Mark Sumner
Barbara Cahoun
Pupil at St Swithins
Catherine Charnley
Joyce Harper
Assistant Mistress at St Swithins
Jenny Smith
The Reverend Edward Peck Tim Norfolk
Mrs Peck
his wife
Sheila Hine
Edgar Sowter John Webster
Mrs Sowter
his wife
Pat Higgins
Stage Manager Harry Officer
H Richardson
Lighting KW Stansby
Sound Anthony Spurgin
Property Mistress Kathleen Aston
Wardrobe Mistress Elsie Pritchard
Prompt Pauline Povall
Make-Up Catherine Glancey
Settings designed by Maxine Studio
Furniture supplied by Gimberts of Manchester
Tape Recorder loaned by White and Swales