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Hard Times

Adapted from the novel by Charles Dickens

27th April - 4th May 2002
Director: Mike Woodhead

Coketown (a barely disguised Victorian Manchester), with its wealthy industrialists, its factories and poor quarters, is home to Mr Gradgrind and Mr. Bounderby. These two men attempt to direct the lives of those they come across, including their employees and a circus family. The book, one of Dickensí most amusing, is peopled by a host of wonderful characters - with 17 of the characters played by just 4 actors.

The Players
Simon Taylor
Mr Gradgrind Proprietor of the model school, later MP
Tom Gradgrind's son
Stephen Blackpool A weaver
John Wallace
Josiah Bounderby A self-made man
Mr Sleary Proprietor of Sleary's Horse Riding
Bitzer A Pupil, later a light porter
James Harthouse A Young man of means
Slackbridge A Trade Union delegate
Tracy Burns
Louisa Gradgrind's daughter
Mrs Blackpool Stephen's wife
Mrs Pegler An old woman from the country
Chairwoman A chairwoman
Sonia Dykstra
Sissy Jupe A Stroller's daughter
Mrs Gradgrind Gradgrind's wife
Mrs Sparsit Keeper of Bounderby's house
Racheal A Weaver
Mary Stokes A Weaver
Emma Chapman
Georgia Ellis
Luisa Yeates
Jessica Brush
Stage Manager Paul Lewis
Lighting Design and Lighting Chris Hills
Sound Deborah Taylor
Costume Pat Barrow
Jacque Bilsborough
Fenella Fowkes
Christina Howarth
Properties Caroline Melliar-Smith
Set Design and Construction Members of the Green Room
Sissy Jupe's Wig designed by "Hair By Marion"
This play was kindly sponsored by Jacky Freeman
Original Painting and Quality Prints, Wilmslow, Cheshire