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Mary Chase

3rd - 10th December 2022

Harvey by Mary Chase is a light-hearted, Pulitzer Prize winning comedy set in the 1950's with two locations; the Dowd family mansion and Chumley’s mental institution.

Elwood. P. Dowd is a gentleman and conversationalist, seen talking to everyone he meets in the street extending a kind invitation to dine at his house with the giving of his card. He returns home one day to find his Sister Veta and her daughter Myrtle-May hosting a party he was not told about. Elwood loves company and begins to introduce himself and his friend Harvey, who is nowhere to be seen. Veta having had enough of her brother's shenanigans, plans to have him committed to Chumley's mental institution, and speaks to a Dr. Sanderson. Upon their talk, Dr. Sanderson believe that Veta herself is crazy and asks Miss Kelly, the doe eyed nurse to escort Elwood out of the building and commit Veta instead. Once Mr. Chumley hears of the confusion, he sets out to put things right and to find Elwood and his Friend Harvey, a six foot three white rabbit.

Rehearsal photographs

Elwood P DowdIan Tyler
Veta Louise SimmonsVictoria Johnson
Mrs ChauvenetDiana Boswell
Judge GaffneySteve Williamson
William ChumleyRichard Sails
Betty ChumleyLinda Batson
WilsonJon White
E J LofgrenEwan Henderson
Ruth KellyChristine Unwin
Myrtle Mae SimmonsScarlet Newton
Lyman SandersonFred Donnan
DirectorSonia Dykstra
Stage ManagerAl Fowkes
Set DesignDiana Boswell
PromptBelinda Coghlan, Joan Taylor-Jones
LightingChris Hills, Bruce Williams
SoundCelia Bonner, Mark Seyler
WardrobeDi James
Rehearsal photographsBill Salkeld, Chris Hills
Ticket SecretaryRichard Barraclough
House ManagerHelen Bingle, Anne Cichocki, Sonia Dykstra, Gill Jones, Paul Lewis, Caroline Lucas, Mike Rogerson