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Hay Fever


Noel Coward

Directed by Peter Janes

8th - 15th March, 2008

Set in an English country house the comedy centers on the Bliss family. Judith is a retired actress itching to return to the stage, her husband David is a novelist, their son Simon an artist, and daughter Sorel. Unbeknown each family member has invited a guest for the weekend...

Sorel Bliss Alex Howarth
Simon Bliss Rick Hazlewood
Clara Adele Taylor
Judith Bliss Clare Lewis
David Bliss Richard Frost
Sandy Tyrell Alex Bingle
Myra Arundel Jo Freeman
Richard Greatham Hugh Everett
Jackie Coryton Emma Toms
Stage Manager Jill Hine
ASM (aka Amy) Daphne Martyn
Wardrobe Carole Holmes
Olive Bradbury
Properties Helen Bingle
Jane Newman
Jill Ollerenshaw
Sound Geoffrey Martin
Lighting Bruce Williams
John Lawson
Prompt Diana Boswell
Wigs Chris Bullimore
Set Design
with grateful acknowledgements to
Waring & Gillow 1924-25 catalogues
Peter Janes
Set Construction Mike Rhodes
Ronnie Dykstra
David Atkinson
House Manager Mike Rogerson
Patti Wheeler
Portrait of Judith Bliss by Jackie Freeman