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Hedda Gabler


Henry Ibsen,
Translated by Michael Meyer

Directed by William Keil

february 18th-21st, 1970

Berthe, a maid Joy Linnell
Miss Juliana Tesman, George Tesman's Aunt Dorothy Wilson
George Tesman, research graduate in cultural history Alan Seviour
Hedda Gabler, his wife Dilys Mason
Mrs Elvsted Sue Spurgin
Judge Brack Barrie Wood
Eilert Loevborg Michael Seddon
Stage Manager John Frith
Property Mistress Barbara Heggs
Beryl Frith
Lighting and Sound Effects William R Upton
Philip Charnley
Paul Kelly
Wardrobe Kay Mottram
Florence Moores
Make-Up Belinda Mencel
Prompt Sara Roberts
House Manager Alan Rough
Lighting Equipment by Ashworth and Mansfield of Hyde
Furniture supplied by Gimbert's of Manchester