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The Heiress


Ruth and Augustus Goetz

Directed by Victor Hassan

3rd-5th, 10th-12th March, 1988

The action takes place in the front parlour of Dr Sloper's house in Washington Square.

Maria (the parlour maid) Caroline Schofield
Dr Austin Sloper Norman Whitelam
Mrs Lavinia Penniman (his sister) Dilys Mason
Catherine (his daughter) Cheryl Wyche
Mrs Elizabeth Almond (his sister) Eileen Volp
Marion Almond (his neice) Fenella Fowkes
Arthur Townsend (Marian's fiance) Clive Williams
Morris Townsend (Arthur's cousin) John Foreman
Mrs Montgomery (Morris's sister) Caroline Melliar-Smith
Stage Manager Sue Lee
ASM Adele Taylor
Lighting and Sound Robin Watkinson
Properties Olive Bradbury
Wardrobe Clare McGlashan
Diana Boswell
House Manager John Smith
John Chapman
Set Design and Construction
Trevor Jones and members of the Green Room