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Henry V


William Shakespeare

Open-air Shakespeare at Gawsworth Hall

18th -20th, 23rd - 27th June 1998

On the field of Agincourt, Hal leads the English army to a miraculous victory. Having bitterly learned the language of war on the battlefields of France, Hal meets Katherine, the French Princess, who teaches him the gentle language of love. It is only now that the boy has become a man.

Directed by John Chidgey

The Cast

Chorus David Reynolds
Dresser Celia Bonner
The English 
King Henry V Simon Taylor
Duke of Exeter (uncle of the King) Steve Williamson
Duke of Gloucester (brother of the king) David Owen Mellor
Duke of Bedford (brother of the king) Paul Banks
Earl of Westmorland Andy Jones
Earl of Salisbury Peter de la Wyche
Earl of Warwick Graham Simmonds
Falconer Graham Bessant
The Church 
Archbishop of Canterbury David Reynolds
Bishop of Ely Martin Pritchard
Altar Boy Daniel Lewis
The Conspirators 
Richard, Earl of Cambridge Peter Hall
Henry, Lord Scroop Hugh Everett
Sir Thomas Grey Ronnie Dykstra
The King's Army 
Sir Thomas Erpingham David Reynolds
Captain Fluellen Robin Griffin
Captain Gower Hugh Everett
Captain Jamy Paul Lewis
Captain MacMorris David Owen Mellor
John Bates Ian Moffitt
Alexander Court Paul Lewis
Michael Williams Charlie Cook
Herald Daniel Lewis
The Camp-followers 
Mistress Quickly, hostess of the tavern Diana Boswell
Pistol (married to Mistress Quickly) Mike Rogerson
Bardolph Charlie Cook
Nym Dave Midgley
Boy Daniel Lewis
The French 
Katherine, daughter of the King of France Rachel Volp
Charles VI, King of France Frank Boylan
Isabel, Queen of France Clare McGlashlan
Charles Delabreth, Constable of France Martin Pritchard
Lewis, the Dauphin Mark Jephcott
Alice, attendant on Katherine Sonia Dykstra
Duke of Burgundy David Reynolds
Duke of Orleans Dave Midgley
Duke of Britaine David Reynolds
Duke of Bourbon Ronnie Dykstra
Lord Grandpre Chris Jorgensson
Lord Rambures Peter Hall
The Governor of Harfleur David Reynolds
Montjoy, a French herald Paul Banks
Messenger to the French Court Peter de la Wyche
Ambassador to the King of England Ronnie Dykstra
Falcon supplied by Gauntlet: Birds of Prey, Nether Alderley
Battle Scene created by Robin Watkinson
Language Consultant John Courtney
Assistant Director Adele Taylor
Musical Director Chris McClory
Stage Manager Christina Howarth
Prompt Adele Taylor
ASM Liz Cook
Maureen Land
Jim Bond
Emma Charnley
Sue Jones
Lighting Robin Watkinson
Sound Val Watkinson
Special Properties Adele Taylor
Sue & Alan Offer
Jacque Bilsborough
Wardrobe Olive Bradbury
Pat Barrow
Linda Batson
Mavis Carlisle
Special Costumes by Mike Shaw, Altrincham Garrick