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Hobson's Choice


Harold Brighouse

18th - 23rd March 1996

Director: John Foreman

Set in Salford in the 1880s, Hobson's Choice has bee a favourite with theatregoers and cinema buffs for over half a century, it's homespun humour adding to the perennial enjoyment of seeing the under-dog make good.
Alice Hobson Jilly Burrows
Vickey Hobson Jo Tomlinson
Maggie Hobson Liz Evans
Henry Horatio Hobson Mike Janes
Salvation Army Girl Tamzin Burrows
Mrs Hepworth Dilys Mason
Tubby Wadlow Geoffrey Martyn
William Mossop Mike Woodhead
Jim Heeler Ronnie Dykstra
Ada Figgins Caroline Schofield
Fred Beenstock Nick Capey
Dr MacFarlane Jeff Lomax
Stage Manager Christina Howarth
Prompt Adele Taylor
ASM Pat Barrow
Lighting Martin Theobald
Sound Peter Mendham
Properties Linda Batson
Diana Boswell
Wardrobe Olive Bradbury
Set Jacque Bilsborough
Trevor Jones
Liason Claire McGlashan