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The Hollow


Agatha Christie

Directed by Sonia Dykstra

At Gawsworth Hall: 27th - 29th June 2013
At Styal: 5th - 6th July 2013

The action of the play passes in the garden room of Sir Henry Angkatells house, The Hollow, about 18 miles from London.

Our annual open-air presentation.

Henrietta Angkatell Joan Taylor-Jones
Sir Henry Angkatell Steve Williamson
Lady Angkatell Belinda Coghlan
Edward Angkatell Mike Palmer
Midge Harvey Heloise Graham
Gudgeon Peter de la Wyche
Doris Christine Unwin
Gerda Cristow Sonia Dykstra
Dr John Cristow Mark Jephcott
Veronica Craye Rachael Stronge
Inspector Colquhoun Dave Midgley
Detective Sergeant Penny Charlie Cook
Stage Manager (Gawsworth) Christina Theobald
Stage Manager (Styal) Sylvia Stewart
ASMs Celia Bonner
Liz Cook
Amanda Morley
Sylvia Stewart
Prompt Adele Taylor
Props Laura Moore
Colette Fitton
Lighting Bruce Williams
Sound Bob Stewart
Wardrobe Di James
Carole Holmes
and The Green Room Team
Liaison Jan Atkinson
Rehearsal Photographs Bruce Williams
Hair Julie Dooley
Historical Note: The original cast member for Gerda was taken ill three days before the first performance, and the director stepped into the part.
The actor originally playing Lord Henry was taken ill the day before the first performance, and Steve Williamson replaced him.