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Improbable Fiction


Alan Ayckbourn

11th - 18th June 2022

The play takes its title from a line in that play of reversals and wish fulfilment, Twelfth Night. In Improbable Fiction, Ayckbourn has devised a plot as insanely topsy-turvy as Shakespeare’s.

Improbable Fiction is Alan Ayckbourn’s 69th play, wherein everyone in the Pendon Writers’ Circle, a self-help group for the creatively stalled and artistically deluded, is having collective writers’ block. However, the presence of a rather ordinary young girl unleashes their imaginations – with surprising results!

Improbable Fiction sends up Dorothy L Sayers, Jane Austen and The X-Files – with a selection of spoof sci-fi characters, a detective that any crime writer would be proud to disown, a damsel in distress, and the abduction of his mother by aliens, the story lines overlap and interweave around a bemused Arnold.

Rehearsal photographs

GraceJosie Harrison
IlsaJessica Trimble
JessVictoria Johnson
VivviCarys Jones
BrevisCharlie Cook
ArnoldIan Fensome
ClemAlex Newman
DirectorVictor Hassan
Stage ManagerAl Fowkes
PromptColette Fitton
PropsFenella Fowkes
ASMDiana Boswell, Melissa Thompson, Oliver Turner
LightingChris Hills, Bruce Williams
SoundAlan James, Mark Seyler
WardrobeDi James
Musical supervisionChris McClory, Doug MacDonald
Rehearsal photographsChris Hills, John O'Brien
Ticket SecretaryDenise Soussi
House ManagerAnne Cichocki, Fred Donnan, Ronnie Dykstra, Donna Johnstone, Joan Taylor-Jones, Caroline Lucas