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Independent Means


Stanley Houghton

Directed by Jan Atkinson

8th -15th October 2011

Set in the fictional town of Salchester somewhere between Salford and Manchester, 'Independent Means' chronicles the fortunes of an upper class conservative family in the Edwardian age. First performed in 1909 the play’s chief protagonist is Sydney Forsyth, a socialist who has recently and rashly married Edgar Forsyth, the staunchly conservative unemployable son of John Forsyth. When John Forsyth is bankrupted after speculating the family’s capital they all face disaster but Sidney takes a secretarial job prompting her husband to announce that "no decent husband could live off his wife's earnings"... But Houghton suggests that female independence can be combined with marital harmony...

John Forsyth Al Fowkes
Mrs Forsyth Diana Boswell
Edgar Forsyth Mike Palmer
Sidney Forsyth Lindsey Barker
Samuel Ritchie Peter de la Wyche
Jane Gregory Valerie Middleton-Egan
Stage Hands Steve Williamson
Bob Stewart
Stage Manager Helen Bingle
ASM Lottie Tyler
Wardrobe Carole Holmes
and the Green Room Team
Properties Fenella Fowkes
Sylvia Stewart
Charlie Cook
Sound and Projection Mark Seyler
Lighting and Projection Bruce Williams
Additional Technical Support David Atkinson
Prompt Rhianne Statom-Barnett
Set Build The Green Room Team
Rehearsal Photographs Chris Hills
Liaison Ian Cole
House Manager Celia Bonner
Pat Wheeler
The Play was kindly sponsored by:
The Vet's Place, Chestnut House, Upcast Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 6EH
Stationery Solutions, 57 Chapel Lane, Wilmslow, SK9 5JH