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Lady Windermere's Fan


Oscar Wilde

Directed by Suzanne Goddard

10th - 15th March 1997

It is 1892, the aesthetics and arts and crafts movements have made their imapct. Morals and manners are changing as the world moves from the equipoise of the 1850's to the unease following the recessions of the 1870's. Into this world steps Lady Windermere, a throw-back to more understandable and circumscribed times. However, it is not only she but all the characters in this play who are forced to ask questions about goodness, morality and reality.

Duchess of Berwick Diana Boswell
Lady Agatha Emma Charnley
Lady Stutfield Linda Batson
Lady Jedburgh Christina Howarth
Lady Plymdale Daphne Kawa
Mrs Cowper Cowper Adele Taylor
Mrs Erlynne Jenny Hindmarch
Rosalie Fiona Pompermaier
Lord Windermere Charlie Cook
Lady Windermere Rachel Volp
Lord Darlington Edward Kennedy
Lord Augustus Geoffrey Martyn
Mr Dumby Al Fowkes
Mr Cecil Graham John Wallace
Mr Hopper Dave Midgley
Parker Peter Mendham
Eliza Hannah Goddard
Stage Manager Nick Capey
Prompt Mavis Carlisle
ASM Christina Howarth
Lighting David Quaife
Sound Peter Mendham
Properties Jill Damen
Judy Pompermaier
Wardrobe Lloika Lewis
Olive Bradbury
Sheila Hine
Set Suzanne Goddard