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The Lesson


Eugene Ionesco

Directed by Lottie Tyler

27th January - 4th February 2012

The play takes place in the office and dining room of a small French flat. The Professor, a man of about 50 to 60, is expecting a new Pupil (aged 18). The Professor's Maid, a stout, red-faced woman of about 40 to 50, worries about the Professor's health. As the absurd and nonsensical lesson progresses, the Professor grows more and more angry with (what he perceives as) the Pupil's ignorance, and the Pupil becomes more and more quiet and meek...

The Professor Richard Ellis
The Maid Celia Bonner
The Pupil Lindsey Barker
Stage Manager Christina Theobald
ASM Valerie Middleton-Egan
Colette Fitton
Wardrobe Pat Barrow
Jacque Bilsborough
Properties Colette Fitton
Sound Peter Gerzon
Lighting Chris Hills
Bruce Williams
Prompt Christine Gerzon
Set Design Graham Boswell
Set Build GR Team
Rehearsal Photographs Chris Hills
Liaison Richard Barraclough
House Managers Al Fowkes
Bob Stewart