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The Little Hut


Andre Roussin, adapted by Nancy Mitford

Directed by Belinda Mencel

17th - 20th February, 1971

Sir Philip Ashlow, his neglected wife, Lady Ashlow and his best friend Henry Brittingham-Brettare shipwrecked on a desert island. This potential ménage à trois where the two men compete for the lady's attention is interrupted by the unexpected arrival of a fourth inhabitant of the island.

Henry Michael Seddon
Susan Rosemary Haughton
Philip Ken Rushton
A Stranger Richard Holman
The Monkey Juliet N Wood
Stage Manager S E Mottram
Sound Effects Stephen Barry
Lighting Peter Searle
Wardrobe Kay Mottram
Florence Moores
Properties Beryl Frith
Wendy Dalby
Prompt Sue Holman
Make-Up Susan L N Wood
House Manager W Bowden
Set designed by The Green Room
Interval music by The Green Room