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The Lonesome West


Martin McDonagh

Directed by Mike Rogerson
assisted by Rhianne Statom-Barnett

12th - 19th May 2012

A contemporary Irish black comedy.

The Lonesome West features the constantly arguing brothers Coleman and Valene, whose father has just died in a shotgun "accident." Valene is only interested in his religious ornaments, and drinking poteen. Coleman is only interested in eating, and attends funerals to collect free sausage rolls and vol au vents. Only Father Welsh, the alcoholic parish priest, attempts to fix their relationship, but his advice mostly goes unheard.

Valene Bill Nolan
Coleman Sandy McGregor
Father Welsh Richard Ellis
Girleen Alison Fleming
Stage Manager Sue Broadhurst
ASM Christine Gerzon
Rhianne Statom-Barnett
Wardrobe Green Room Team
Properties Fenella Fowkes
Sylvia Stewart
Alistair Fowkes
Denise Soussi
Sound Peter Gerzon
Lighting Bruce Williams
Prompt Diana Boswell
Set Design Graham Boswell
Set Build Green Room Team
Liaison Denise Soussi
Rehearsal Photographs Graham Boswell
House Manager Ronnie Dykstra
David Melliar-Smith
Special thanks to
The Theatre By The Lake, Keswick
for the loan of religious moulds
The play was kindly sponsored by
Albert Road Opticians, 18 Albert Road, Wilmslow