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Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime

Adapted by Constance Cox,
from a short story by Oscar Wilde

25th January - 1st February 2003
Director: Tom Thistleton

Lord Arthur Savile who, while attending a society party, has his palm read. The palm reader, Mr. Podgers (who is the personal cheiromantist to the party's host, Lady Windermere) is less than optimistic about what he reads in Savile's palm though.

Visibly shaken, Mr. Podgers tells a very cryptic fortune, saying only that Arthur will go on a voyage and will lose a relative. There is obviously more that Podger is holding back, but he won't elaborate, leaving Arthur to wonder, given his forthcoming marrage...

Baines, the Butler David Reynolds
Lord Arthur Savile John Wallace
Performance Note: Charlie Cook stood in for for 3 nights after John Wallace was taken ill
Sybil Merton, his fiancee Rhiannon Lewis
The Dean of Paddington, his uncle Eric Smith
Lady Windermere, his aunt Olive Bradbury
Lady Clementina Beauchamp, his great aunt Belinda Coghlan
Lady Julia Merton, Sybil's Mother Clare McGlashan
Mr. Podgers, a cheiromantist Mark Vincent
Nellie, a maid Chris McClory
Herr Winkelkopf, an anarchist Mike Janes
Stage Manager Dave Midgley
ASM Jill Hine
Prompt Linda Batson
Lighting Carly Southern
Sound Gareth Davies
Wardrobe Di Donald
Anne Cichocki
Properties Diana Boswell
Jill Hine
Set Design Michael Rhodes
Set Build Michael Rhodes
Paul Lewis
and members of the Green Room