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Lord Arthur Savile's Crime


Constance Cox

Based on the short story by Oscar Wilde

Directed by Max Lewis

April 9th-11th, 1981

Lord Arthur Savile, a young man about to be married, learns from a fashionable palmist that he is to commit a murder. He determines to do the deed before his wedding, and his target is a member of his own family.

the Butler
Jeremy Cleverley
Lord Arthur Savile Frederick Donnan
Sybil Merton,
his fiancee
Jill Bleasdale
The Dean of Paddington,
his uncle
Ronnie Dykstra
Lady Windermere,
his aunt
Eileen Volp
Lady Clentina Beauchamp,
his great aunt
Adele Taylor
Lady Julia Merton,
Sybil's Mother
Doreen Johnson
Mr. Podgers,
a cheiromantist
Peter Simpson
a maid
Cheryl Hammersley
Herr Winkelkopf,
an anarchist
Mike Janes
Stage Manager Alan Robinson
ASM Margaret Robinson
Properties Sue Offer
Sound Alan Offer
Wardrobe Jennie Dykstra
Pat Barrow
House Manager Edmund Hine