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Loves Labour Lost


William Shakespeare

Directed by Jeremy Cleverley

19th - 28th June, 1980

Shakespeare in the Open-Air at Gawsworth Hall.

Ferdinand, King of Navarre Victor Hassan
Berowne, A Lord attendant to the KIng Fred Donnan
Longaville, A Lord attendant to the KIng Peter de la Wyche
Dumaine, A Lord attendant to the KIng Neil Myerson
Boyet, a Lord
attendant on the Princess of France
Kenneth Sawyer
Mercade, a messenger Jeremy Cleverley
Don Adriano de Armado, a fantastical Spaniard Norman Whitelam
Sir Nathaniel, a Curate Andrew Winton
Dull, a constable Frank McCullough
Holofernes, a schoolmaster Bob Prescott
Costard, a Clown David Reynolds
Moth, a page to Don Adriano de Armado Ruth Findlater
Princess of France Kate Lowery
Rosaline Angela Cleverley
Maria Diana Boswell
Katharine June Janes
Jaquenetta Anna Shooter
Attendants, Singers and Dancers
Sandra Spriggs, Clair Hart, Paul Thompson, David Watkins, Steve Mills, Terry Bebbington, Virginia Cleverley, Norman Morgan, Peter Skertchley, Noni Watkins, Jean Wilmot, Anne Dodd, Myrtle Bullock, Jennifer Youatt
Stage Manager Alan Robinson
Prompt Adele Taylor
Choreography June Janes
Lighting Jack Watkinson
Sound Alan Offer
Costunes Stamford Shakespeare Company
Wardrobe Janet Warren
Properties Sue Offer
House Manager Colin Read