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The Man Most Likely To...


Joyce Rayburn

Directed by Mike Fenton

4th - 7th April, 1973

Comedy about a permissive youth, a father and son who cannot communicate, and a wife whose ex-finace is still around after 20 years of marriage.

Victor Cadwallader John Chapman
Joan Cadwallader Margaret Bird
Martin Morley Mike Seddon
Shirley Hughes Sue Spurgin
Giles Cadwallader Ian Christmas
Stage Manager Philip Charnley
Sound Vince Chadwick
Lighting Nigel Hellon
Wardrobe Melanie Charnley
Florence Moores
Properties Kate Aston
Lynda Brown
Adele Taylor
Prompt Marjorie Mills
Make-Up Joy Peacock
Call Boy Lynda Pearson
Set designed and executed by The Green Room
Furniture provided by:
Gimberts of Manchester